Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas With My Boo

Christmas With My Boo
On Christmas Eve,
I spent a while with Hannah,
It was a ton of fun.
We took a walk around the neighborhood,
It was really cold,
But it wasn't really that bad.
I was talking,
Laughing with my boo.
Hee hee, and a lot clocking.
And she gave me presents,
They were so well thought out...
Some Vaseline for my chapped lips,
A cassette to AUX for my car,
Something I've wanted ever since I got my car,
And a journal for me to record my thoughts.
While mine was so lame.
Just a journal,
No card,
No nothing.
I feel kinda bad,
But what is past is past.
Hopefully the best is in the future,
God will help me,
As he has helped me so much this year,
And he always will.
Merry Christmas Boo

First Kiss

First Kiss
So I didn't know what to expect,
I always heard of things that could go wrong.
I always didn't quite understand how it worked,
In fact,
I thought it was kinda gross.
That argument I had with Hannah,
About not kissing in a year...
That was scrapped,
So fast,
50 weeks earlier than expected.
I went from demanding at minimum of one year,
To kissing for the first time 2 weeks after.
What a troll.
Well it was great,
First time I was taken by surprise,
I thought I was ready,
But it still surprised me.
But by the second and third time,
It wasn't too bad,
Or so she said...
T_T now I think I'm addicted to it...
Dat first kiss

Sunday, December 11, 2011


This past week,
Has been strange to me.
So close with Hannah,
Makes me feel so good,
I just stand there,
Hugging her,
Her presence feels so good,
I love her.
I almost want to kiss her,
But something holds me back.
It has only been a week since I told her,
Maybe in a year + a summer,
Maybe then I'll kiss you.
But maybe I'm waiting for a special time.
I'm not sure what this is,
But I think I love her.
So much that she can feel it...
Yeah, that awkward/weird thing you can think about,
She mentioned it. LOL
T_T what a fail Andy...
But I guess thats what happens with love,
And there isn't anything I can do to control it.
The perks of being a male...
T_T literally,
And falling in love.
Or... wanting to try to make love...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Hate

I Hate
I hate it when I'm not good enough,
I hate it when I don't try hard enough,
I hate it when you don't think of me,
It's because I'm not good enough to you.
I think about you every day,
I think of you with every word I say,
Do you do the same?
Without words of reassurance,
I hate myself for not trusting you,
I hate myself for not believing you,
I hate myself for,
Not being enough for you.
I hate when I can't be there for you,
And I hate myself for being so jealous.
I hate it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I told myself I wouldn't fall,
Or fall to that extent.
I hope that I will saftely pick myself up,
Or see another person fallen with me,
So we can build from the roots.
I don't really know this feeling.
It feels unlike the first time.
It feels,
I really can't explain this feeling.
The thought of you,
In my mind,
Over and over,
With almost anything I do.
The replay of your soft skin,
Brushing on mine,
The want to just hold you,
And say I love you.
But I've been holding back,
These sensitive words,
Because I'm afraid it's premature.
But I think now might be the right time,
I can only hope you feel the same,
And I can only hope this will last forever.
Could this be,
The famous thing called love?

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Have you felt it before?
I haven't,
Until now.
I think.
A pain in your chest,
A sudden weakness in your muscles,
A sudden sadness takes over your mind.
My breath draws quicker,
And more shallow.
I suddenly picture all the events,
All in vain?
I'm not sure.
I don't know what this feeling is.
But it's starting to hurt.
I hope this isn't heartache.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Four whole years,
All the drama,
All the hardwork,
All the money,
All the time,
All of it,
To this.
State champions with my friend,
Sam Brodkey.
Our team was strong,
So we ultimately won as a team,
But to see my friends fight so hard,
And not have their individual titles,
Made me terribly sad,
Like when Yeon-woo fought so hard,
And lost,
He said: "avenge me."
I felt so bad,
But I did.
We helped secure this position so that,
All of us could have something.
Going out with a bang.
Tennis states.